Futures Sown (The Time Entity Trilogy 3)

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The Phantom Menace is set years before, when Anakin was 9 years old. Han would not have been born yet, and neither would Qi'ra. But when it comes to the TV series, a Qi'ra crossover is not out of the question. She wouldn't be in The Clone Wars , those are set during the prequels when she was a child. It's actually Force of Destiny where Qi'ra will turn up first, now her arc has been introduced to the canon. Each episode is about two-and-a-half to three minutes long, and one of the new ones for the coming Season 2 will be focused completely on Qi'ra.

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Since each episode is so short, the Forces of Destiny premiere works a lot like Netflix. All 10 episodes arrive at once, debuting both on YouTube and the Disney Channel at the same time. The new season airs on TV on Friday, May 25, , at p. The timing to air directly in conjunction with Solo 's arrival in theaters isn't accidental.

Lucasfilm and Disney are banking on Forces of Destiny fans to hurry out to the theater in order to be caught up before sitting down to a second season binge. The further adventures of Qi'ra will most likely follow in Darth Maul's footsteps, fleshing out in the animated series.

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Unless that is, Lucasfilm decides to make a live action movie sequel. Using one of the ships may bring you great riches, or death. For our damaged, near-broken narrator, it was both. Ringworld , by Larry Niven A huge ring, with a habitable area three millions times that of Earth, is found circling a distant star. A crew of humans and aliens sent to explore the Ring crash-lands and has to struggle to survive and escape. As a result, the soldiers become increasing alienated from the Earth that they defend. Clarke Scientists discover a huge cylindrical object entering the solar system is an interstellar ship.

When it becomes clear that the ship will not stop or even slow in the solar system, an expedition is mounted to explore it. The Snow Queen , by Joan D. But Arienrhod has set another long-gestating plan in motion…. Startide Rising Uplift Series , by David Brin A complex galactic society is based on one species uplifting another to sentience, but no one know who uplifted humans.

A starship crewed by dolphins and humans discover what may be a derelict fleet of the legendary first sentient race. Alien races fight to gain the secret of that fleet. Winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards. Hyperion , by Dan Simmons On the planet Hyperion a time traveling terror called the Shrike is due to appear. Seven pilgrims seek the Shrike as the Ousters, considered interstellar barbarians, prepare to invade Hyperion.

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In desperation they recruit child warriors, including 6 year-old Ender Wiggin, into an elite Battle School that will train them fight by remotely controlling fleets of ships. Cherryh Genetic engineering is prevalent on the planet Cyteen, making it a power in the Union. A murdered brilliant scientist is cloned in the hope that her brilliance will again be a resource for Cyteen.

But the murder itself remains unsolved. As you do. Unlike the Vorkosigan Saga, there are aliens in the mix too. One pilot, Mallory Ringess, begins a quest for the Elder Edda, believed to hold the secret to immortality. His quest takes him to the Solid State Entity, a nebula sized computer, and to the Alaloi tribe whose genes have been mutated back to the Neanderthals.

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Use of Weapons , by Iain M. Then a mysterious man hires her to take him to the space station Plenty.

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A Fire Upon the Deep , by Vernor Vinge A ship bearing the only defense against a malevolent Transcendent intelligence crashes on a planet inhabited by medieval lupine aliens. A rescue ship races to save the survivors, two children, and recover the weapon. The stories in this collection connect all the novels, which cover a timeline from the Big Bang to the heat death of the universe. The human crew and passengers of the Null Boundary, a giant starship thousands of years old, are trying to find out why.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

But she and the crew of her aged light cruiser HMS Fearless discover and have to try to defeat an invasion plan. This is the start of an expansive series totaling more than 30 volumes to date from a very prolific author. Deathstalker Deathstalker Series , by Simon R. Green Owen Deathstalker, reluctant head of a warrior clan, is forced out of his simple life as a historian when the Empress capriciously puts a price on his head.

The rest of the series reveals how those three characters are pawns in a much bigger political game where Earth is dependent on resources from deep space. Space opera is alive and kicking in the 21st century. In fact, it can be argued that the genre, enriched by new voices and new ideas, has never been healthier. Cybernetically altered humans, alien races, a neutron star turned into a computer, all figure into the search for a way to counter that threat. Kamoj must save her province from Lionstar, then she helps him save his planet. When she take a detour from her assigned journey, Ky and her crew land in the middle of a colonial war.

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On Earth the tyrannical regimes of the great families attempt to undo the environmental ravages there. These two branches of humanity may be headed for war. Now the last of the Shaa are dying and the struggle for control of the empire, or freedom from it is beginning. The humans who survive start to use a series of stargates that those entities left behind and activate an artifact of unknown origin. Warchild , by Karin Lowachee Eight year old Joslyn Musey is taken by the space pirates who killed his parents. But when he joins the crew of the EarthHub ship the Macedon Jos discovers good and bad made not be as simple as he thought.

Corey There is an uneasy truce between Earth, Mars, and the asteroid belt. The discovery of an alien lifeform disrupts that balance.

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And that lifeform has plans of its own. Winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C. Clarke awards. Koyanagi injects gender and racial twists into traditional space opera DNA, making this book stand apart from the rest of the fleet.