Hired Gun in Philadelphia: a different kind of Murder Mystery

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Augie has a mysterious past that may haunt him when he discovers the names of certain ladies on the guest list. Also in attendance will be Mr. Heath Gargamel. Gargamel has a history of terrorizing residents of the city and now has his evil eye on Sunshine! Oh, what will Augie do to protect his dear Sunshine? As you enjoy the evening, be careful.

Who knows what mysteries will unfold or who will be taken in by the passion of the night! From the moment you arrive, watch your back After all, how well do you really know the person sitting at your table? This locally-flavored mystery brings new meaning to Wedding-Day Blues!

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Rock King is trying to convince Ruby he is the one for her, but she is not sure. Mae B. Fun, frolic and mayhem for everyone Set in the 's, this group of young and old hippies are trying their best to get Jewel Hogget and Roger Windsor married by midnight!! A midnight wedding? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solve a murder or two.

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Who among you will become a cold-blooded killer? A victim? Welcome to the Fruitcake Inn in the quaint little town of Fruitcake, Louisiana. The Fruitcake Inn is home to some strange but lovable characters - did you say Redneck?? When a murder happens at the Inn, some of the strangest residents come out of their rooms to help the investigation, but lead to more confusion and mayhem. The sheriff is already working under pressure because the city cannot afford a new patrol car, so he is trying to conduct his police business on a scooter.

While he is trying to determine who murdered the lady on the third floor of the Inn, the residents are definitely not helping! You will also meet the local Indian Chief, whose name is too deadly to even speak!! Add to this dysfunctional group, the Innkeeper who is a former hippie, flower-child who seems to lose touch with reality from time to time which confuses and bedazzles you and the poor sheriff even more!! The residents are using all of their energy to help the sheriff, but to say they are not much help is an understatement!

With all the confusion that ensues from the town-folk, the murder almost takes a back seat to the total mayhem they cause!! The honor of your presence is requested at the annual Krewe de Mydal Masquerade Ball. You are in for an evening to remember!! Masks and costumes are optional, but everyone will certainly have something to hide!! A man was beaten, stabbed and poisoned at Ms Kitty's Cathouse!!!

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A note was on his body threatening more to come! All clues have led everyone to believe that a woman is the murderer!! Counting Miss Kitty, there are nine luscious ladies at the cathouse. Who among them could have done such a thing? The new Sheriff in town finds all kinds of surprises at Ms Kitty's as he investigates this murder. He is a bit inexperienced, to say the least, and becomes quite baffled as he stumbles his way through this mystery.

The note on the dead man's body instills great fear in him because he may have even more murders to solve and ONE is too many for his lack of investigation skills!!! Keep your eyes and ears open and watch your back!! You may be having dinner with the murderer or worse You would think that the Civic Center should be large enough to give them enough space so everyone could spread out and have a good time This time, they are attending the th anniversary of their Mardi Gras organization, The Krewe de Mydal, and the theme of the ball is "Gypsies, Carnivals and Magicians". The parade was over and everyone was ready for the exciting tableau.

The word was out that the jester was to come out in a 16' champagne glass filled with champagne, tied up like Houdini. The plan was for him to break his restraints in the Champagne then jump out and open the festivities for the evening. Leave it to this group to totally disrupt this evening's activities for everyone! Before long, the ball has been closed down, and the place is swarming with police and blue lights!!

Come on down and help us solve the mystery of who killed the poor jester at Murder at the Mardi Gras Ball!! Masks and costumes are encouraged, though optional, but rest assured that everyone will certainly have something to hide!!

Jersey Shore doctor charged in murder-for-hire plot left behind a message before killing himself

It is and the war has been over for 15 years. Three friends who served together in the war, an American Captain, and English Colonel and a former French officer who is now a successful business man, have traveled to the charming Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama to keep their decade-old promise to meet again on this day. The Ukrainian-born Innkeeper, who inherited the hotel from her parents five years ago, works diligently to ensure her small staff provides everything the guests need to be relaxed, comfortable, and completely in the dark about her clandestine activities as a spy for the Soviet Union.

However, their stay at the "Queen of Southern Resorts" is overshadowed by tragedy when a murder is committed on the grounds. Who is the victim? More importantly, who is the killer? Do you think you can solve The Murder on Mobile Bay? Who will show up to audition might just be a shock!! Never-the-less, anytime you get so many famous celebrities together and only one Judge, some Hollywood skeletons are sure to jump out of the closet! This show is to DIE for!

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We are on the maiden voyage of the Carnivore Line's newest ship, the Titanium, so we will be offering around-the-clock entertainment by the one and only, Dwayne Newt, lounge singer extraordinaire, some conga dancing and social suggestions from our cruise director, Sandi Beach and some not-so-good table service from the new hire, rude and crude, Andy Astor!! OH NO!! It seems the lounge lizard has turned up dead!

Oh dear! Soooo, grab your sun tan lotion, sunglasses and come on up to the promenade deck and watch as we try to determine The Captain is somewhat confused, after all, he IS looking for icebergs in the Caribbean!! It is the silent screen era. Our victim is Royale T. Payne, famed and despised owner of Superior Studios. Owen Moore, director for Superior Studios is an alcoholic and compulsive gambler fearing for his job. Paige Turner, newspaper columnist ran afoul with Payne because of her making public certain facts about his casting couch activities.

Allie Katt, top box office draw wanted out of her contract and Payne was threatening to bring up her checkered past.

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His wandering eye caused her to go into jealous rages. Les Voltage, double-crossed by Payne, is trying to get out of his arrangement but Payne is blackmailing him into submission.

The Mysterious Death Of The Boy In The Box

However, his job is on shaky ground as the studio insists on moving into talkies against his wishes. What will the ladies think when they hear his voice? They discuss the events of the day while the body of poor Harry Driver, the Group Leader, lies in the back parlor The general feeling was that it was all just too much for the old guy and he would feel better soon. But, he just up and died on the bus before they could even get to Mobile!! Along with the help of the coroner, Dr. They all think they are in for an enjoyable and relaxing evening as Mrs. LeVert is so well-known for.

However, things take quite a drastic turn as the evening progresses and before they know it, they are trying to figure out It's the most flamboyant, unique, and glamorous evening Mobile has to offer--the annual, Queen of the Night, Drag Queen Pageant! All is not well at the Mobile Carnival Museum, where this dazzling event is taking place.

Murder has cast the final vote and for someone at this pageant, the final curtain has fallen. This colorful cast includes drag queen contestants, an eclectic panel of judges, a hair, make-up and fashion expert and a perky reporter from television station WBMA, and even the Fashion Police!