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Modi said that though India 'came very close' it needs to 'cover more ground' in the times to come. Sivan had earlier described the final moments of the landing mission as '15 minutes of terror,' due to the complexities involved with lunar gravity, terrain and dust.

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An official statement from ISRO earlier in the week said all the systems controlling the Vikram lander and its rover, Pragyan, were 'healthy'. ISRO also sent an orbiter to space with the mission, which will continue to make observations around the moon. They hoped to release a rover after the landing, which would then spend a fortnight — a single day in moon time — exploring.

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The lander was named Vikram after the father of India's space program, Vikram Sarabhai. India's Prime Minister Modi comforted students who were involved with the ground-breaking mission after confirmation that signal had been lost. Student walk past a screen during a live streaming of Chandrayaan-2 landing at an educational institute in Mumbai, India, September 7, Devotees worship an idol of the Hindu god Ganesh, the deity of prosperity, as a model of India's Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mk III-M1, which carried Chandrayaan-2, is seen next to the it, inside a 'pandal' or makeshift stage, on the fifth day of Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Ahmedabad, India, September 6, The south pole is believed to contain water as craters in the region are largely unaffected by the high temperatures of the sun.

ISRO had hoped to confirm the presence of water in the form of ice, first detected on its mission in It subsequently completed two de-orbiting manoeuvres, bringing it to begin its slow descent out of orbit and onto the moon.

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The Orbiter has a terrain mapping camera to help prepare 3D maps of the moon's surface, an X-ray spectrometer looking for major elements including titanium and sodium, and another high resolution camera to help the other modules land safely. Vikram has an instrument to detect seismic activity on the moon, and a thermal probe that will examine the thermal conductivity of the lunar surface.

Pragyan has an alpha particle X-ray spectrometer that examines the elemental composition of the surface and a laser induced breakdown spectroscope which looks at the abundance of various elements nearby. On Twitter, astronomers watching around the world chimed in to praise the attempt and weigh in on what might have happened.

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It also hoped to examine the inside of craters — which are cold traps — to get a greater understanding of the evolution of the moon. These areas have stayed extremely cold for huge amounts of time and scientists believe it is likely they contain a fossil record of the early solar system. Chandrayan-2 pictured successfully released its rover, Vikram, from the orbiter and sent it towards the moon earlier this week.

It is ISRO's second lunar probe, and the first one destined to actually land on the moon. Both Vikram and Pragyan are not designed or intended to survive the extreme low temperatures of lunar night and will be destroyed when the day window closes.

Israel attempted to land on the lunar surface earlier this year but the mission ended in disaster when the Beresheet spacecraft lost control of its descent. The craft was destroyed in a crash landing and put a dramatic end to the country's space exploration hopes. Israel attempted to land on the moon earlier this year but the mission ended in disaster when the Beresheet spacecraft fell into an uncontrolled descent.

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A vehicle landed on the moon a month later and sent back images of the lunar surface. In India terminated the mission a year earlier than planned, after scientists lost all contact with their unmanned orbiting spacecraft. Latest results from Taunton Magistrates' Courts. Hospital where one obese patient a day is referred wins top award for its app. Care home 'destabilised' by staffing problems told to improve after latest inspection Concerns at Pizza Express as financial advisers are called in. Young man who damaged two cars gets suspended jail term 1. School in Taunton unveils plans for new sixth form centre.

Taunton pub in listed building breached planning rules 2.