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Decreasing consumption and investment lead to decline in sales, which is related to lower advertising budgets, thus creating a closed circle that goes down. My character and position do not allow me to be a pessimist, but I must say that I am not an optimist either when it comes to our countries. The situation is in all respects very difficult.

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There are brands that have survived the transition and today are popular in the former SFRY. Why from onwards in each of independent countries it is kind of hard to create new brands, which would have the potential to gain popularity such as Cedevita, Cockta, Smoki, Bekutan etc? Because markets are smaller and more fragmented, and, therefore, the support that goes with the introduction and duration of brands that become famous is much smaller.

And, of course, the competition is much greater. SFRY former Yugoslavia was, after all, not a country of open markets, and it brought multiple profits to the national brands. However, even in such difficult circumstances, many new brands have become regionally strong, for example, Nectar, Grand coffee, Doncafe, Chipsy from Serbia, Vitalia from Macedonia You enrolled in medicine, you finished the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, you were a musician, an actor, you are now at the helm of a company in the field of creative industries. So, you were always involved in the arts in one way or another if we exclude medicine and political campaigns J.

How much is in all this people management a challenge for you, as you are a manager of a regional company? Honestly, I have never thought of myself primarily as a manager. I would like more to see myself as an entrepreneur. It is a beautiful word, a man who enters into something new. In the end, I am not qualified to be a manager, and, in this respect, my people management has always been more the result of intuition and, for example, astrological sign, not to mention my character, rather than excessive knowledge.

But since this is, of course, not enough, I brought into our company the people who know much more than me how to run a business and how to manage people and resources. McCann has always been a company that people come to with a clear desire to work right there, and not somewhere else. We did it, and we are constantly working to create a common feeling that being in McCann is somehow a special thing.

And that is because we had, and we have really special people. What do you most appreciate with your associates, and what is it that can make you lose your temper? I appreciate the positive spirit, cooperation, and taking responsibility for decisions and mistakes. I lose my temper when I see pettiness, the attitude that nothing is possible, uncongeniality. I have understanding for most of human flaws, but hypocrisy leaves me at least indifferent.

When you started working in the advertising industry, there was only television and radio, while advertising was based mainly on videos. A lot of things happened in the meantime, the Internet and social media have become the masters of our lives. Where is the advertising industry heading now? What will the companies and brands do next in the fierce battle for consumers? I think that personalisation of communication, which we already see, and which has found its place in many sci fi movies, is inevitable. Advertisers will find us everywhere and will speak to us personally.

The ambition was to use design as a tool for recruiting new readers, but never at the expense of existing ones. Rather than discarding a well-established identity, the starting point was to build on and reinforce what already works today. The objective of the project was to create a visual framework which further strengthened Kapital's editorial profile.

Illustration: Kristian Hammersatd, byHands. Identity through numbers: Throughout the magazine, numbers are actively used for navigation. Visual journalism: The use of images and illustrations has been given a more prominent role. Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

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Provides space for infographics: Instead of looking at graphs and tables, which are an important part of Kapital's editorial content, as something visually boring, we have chosen to give them space and work actively with the design. Key figures in the margin: As a general principle, key figures from the content are highlighted and placed in a separate column. Photo: Christian Breidlid, Paragon Features. Aura photography: When the cover story was about 40 young management talents, Skilhagen chose to use aura photography.

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A technique from the 70's, which is in great contrast to the magazine's editorial profile. Clarifying the editorial DNA A distinct feature in the magazine's editorial content is the use of numbers — numbers based on business, stock exchange and lists of companies and individuals. This was something we wanted to visually enhance.

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Key figures in the articles have been given a more prominent place, and the journalists can easily highlight relevant numbers. Numbers are also highlighted in running texts without compromising the reader's experience. This makes it easy to scan through an article to find key information and relevant numbers.

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Section Pages: As part of the redesign, we have introduced introduction pages to the different sections, helping to simplify navigation. Visual surprises: The ambition of the project has been to give the magazine a visual boost beyond just design principles.

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In the first editions, we have acted as art directors and visual storytellers. In edition 7 , we chose to use aura photography when young leadership talents were to be portrayed. InvestmentEurope is pleased to present the Pensionskassenforum , taking place on 14th November at the Baur au Lac in Zurich.

Shipping magnate John Fredriksen once again dominates the latest Norwegian rich list, based on estimated total wealth rather than income or capital gains tax figures published by the government. Some of the are NOK billionaires, up from at the same time last year, and setting a new record. Alternative Investments.