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As well as describing the technical equipment and means of killing people, the exhibition presents cases of murder and mass murder.

77 MINUTES - 1984 McDonald's Mass Murder

For one thing there are the crimes committed against prisoners in Sachsenhausen. Then there are the people who were brought here, because it was the concentration camp closest to the national capital, for execution, mostly by the Reich Security Head Office, which was based in Berlin, or the Berlin branch of the Gestapo, based at Alexanderplatz. The exhibition endeavours to show the different causes of persecution and the plurality of victimized groups as representatively as possible, in part by focusing on the life stories of those who were murdered.

The case studied span from that of Friedrich Weissler, the head of legal affairs for the Confessing Church, who because of his Jewish origins was viciously murdered by SS men in the cell block in February , to the organized mass murder of ill and weakened prisoners shortly before the evacuation of the camp in There is a detailed examination of the largest mass murder operation, that of more than 13, Soviet prisoners of war in the late summer of Attention is also paid to the perpetrators.

Many of the murderers, especially those who took part from behind their desks, went unpunished, or else got off with relatively light prison sentences.

After the Port Arthur mass murder, Australia banned most semiautomatic rifles, but they still have mass murders: eight siblings killed in a mass stabbing in Queensland; five bludgeoned to death in Sydney in Mass murders by arson are also a problem in such countries.

Palace Backpackers Hostel in Childers, Queensland, was intentionally burned in , killing The Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire killed eleven, set by a nurse after police questioned him about drug abuse.

Can one mass shooting inspire another?

Japan has mass murders. In , a sarin poison-gas attack killed 13 and injured many more. In , a former employee of a nursing home stabbed to death 19 of the patients. Eight students were stabbed to death at an Osaka school in A father burned his wife and five children to death in Tokyo in Last month, 35 died when a man set fire to an anime studio. China, another society with very strict gun laws, also has mass murders. A terrorist knife attack in Kunming left 33 dead and injured.

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A series of school attacks in the early s killed at least 25 in total; while not all of these school attacks were mass murders five or more killed in one attack , some meet the criteria: eight schoolchildren murdered with a knife in Nanping in March ; nine murdered in Hanzhong with a meat cleaver in May Explosive mass murders have also been common: 22 with explosives in Manchester, England, in Two terrorists killed 33 people at an airport and subway station in Brussels with bombs.

There have also been motor-vehicle mass murders in Europe and Australia: 84 murdered with a truck in Nice, France; 12 in Berlin, Germany; five in Stockholm; 13 in Barcelona, Spain; eight by truck and knives in London. While these were terrorist mass murders, others have been mental-health-related, such as an attack in Melbourne, Australia, that killed six.

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In the U. If we solve the mental-illness issue, the guns do not matter. And focusing on the guns directs the severely mentally ill to other weapons.

Mass Shootings in the US Fast Facts

But what if the shooter had had more modern weapons at this crowded church event? Roth asked.

How many more people could have been killed? In the early history of the United States, Roth said, groups of people would band together to kill, often targeting African Americans or people of a specific religion, ethnic group or political movement.

Perpetrators and Mass Murder | Facing History and Ourselves

Roth pointed out that the Dayton gunman killed nine people and injured 27 in less than 30 seconds because he had a. He fired 41 shots in that time. Roth said there are other steps that would limit the toll of violence, including taking online and other threats of violence seriously; working to identify and stop hate groups, particularly those associated with white supremacy; and helping those with mental illness. Very few mass shooters are actually mentally ill, Roth said.

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How technology shapes mass murder. In , America had a problem with dynamite. Specifically, dynamite in bombs.