Mostly True Ghost Stories 2 : Chronicles of the Paranormal

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Doors have opened and closed by themselves. One time the door slammed shut on the owner of this home. They have seen the door move 6 or 8 inches on its own. They have heard the door knob making a clicking sound, as if someone was turning it. Roger felt like he was touched on one particular night.

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The children of this home feel like something is trying to go through their bedroom door and feelings of being watched. Particularly at night. The children have heard a knocking in the kitchen area, they knocked three times and heard a reply of three knocks back. They did it again and knocked only two times and got a reply of two knock back from the other side of the room.

The air gets thick at times. One time a head was peeking around the doorway. A tall black thin shadow person was seen at the doorway. The bathroom and the one bedroom seem to have the most activity. Mags has had had an "in your face" type of feeling from a male presence where she got a partial vision of what the entity looked like.

Two of the HPI Lead investigators were able to psychically pick up on what they felt was the same entity and describe that same feeling and look of what Mags had experienced. Holly was able to give Mags a message that the entity did not like Mags' current boyfriend. That totally made sense to Mags as the activity increases and the air becomes hostile when her boyfriend is around. Holly and Mags really seemed to connect on a psychic and personal level.

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Holly was able to help Mags with a lot of different areas in her and her children's lives. Holly goes on to tell me that two weeks prior to the investigation she received psychic information on Mags' youngest daughter and that she was communicating with the spirits her mother wanted us to find. She also received psychic information about a man that died by hanging. Whether he hung himself or was hung, Holly did not know. Holly thought that it might be at Mags' house but actually found out that it happened directly next door after Mags did some research.

Mags was also not aware that her daughter was speaking to any spirits and when she confronted her daughter after HPI arrived she told her mother the whole story. So Holly does it again! I have to admit, that when I went into the bathroom by myself, there seemed to be an electrical charge in the air. Their home is years old, so it has a lot of history. Holly felt something dreadful happened on the stairwell, and one of the neighbors remembers a story about a murder that occurred, possibly on that very stairwell.

It is rumored that a butcher shop once was located downstairs and that some of the employees of this butcher shop lived in the rooms that are now part of this apartment complex. Odors have been detected in this home, like a man's body odor and later they smelled Bay Rum cologne. Below this home may be a tunnel that leads to the mission.

There was a lady that died at Cutting Horse Steakhouse, she was stabbed to death and her presence may be also be in their home. HPI ghost hunters get hungry and we all got our fill on some tasty cheese burgers and fries. We topped it off with a strong delicious Cappuccino shot. They serve Skirt Steak plate marinated in Jack Daniels and grilled to order. Or try their Bullrider which is an open faced prime rib sandwich covered in cheddar cheese, onions, mushrooms and a secret sauce! The Lady in White former madam of this town haunts their establishment.

She has been seen on the stairwell and sometimes appears as a skeletal face with long blonde hair. The Taylors that are former owners of Cutting Horse walked into their restaurant and were sprayed with water from a hose.

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After they got sprayed they watched the hose reattach itself to the wall! The Cutting Horse is located over the town's former hangman's tree. Near this restaurant, during the s, a drunken Mexican man with a gun, shot Manuel Butron, who was an epileptic.

He shot Manuel through his chest. Manuel survived and his epileptic fits stopped. The man that shot him was taken to The Alameda's willow tree and hung. Bryan Nohl, owner of the Cutting Horse took us into the tunnel under the restaurant.

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At one time this tunnel lead to the mission. The tunnel is now blocked off by a wall, due to the earthquake. San Juan Bautista sits on the San Andreas fault line. I went into the tunnel and you really feel closed in. The Cutting Horse is a very interesting place and you feel like you are part of the Cutting Horse family, because the owners are very hospitable. Make sure to tell Christine Dreifuss and Bryan Nohl owners hi for me, if you decide to visit their establishment.

Ask Christine and Bryan about the female skeletal face that some of their customers have seen in the mirrors. If you see this skeletal face, ask for a Cappuccino shot quickly to pump up your heart if it stops beating! They do make the best Cappuccino shot! I had one and perked me up immediately! Everything in San Juan Bautista is in walking distance.

You can see the Haunted Plaza Hotel, you can visit Mission San Juan Bautista rumored to have residual haunting activity at this mission.

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There is the mission cemetery where mission Indians were buried on sacred ground in unmarked graves. At the mission is a statue of Fray Junipero Serra who was born on and died in He is the founder of all of the California missions. Another place that is haunted is Bakery Groceries on Third Street. Then there is the phantom man that walked into Mrs.

B's Z-Place and vanished. As we walked around town, the stories seemed to be focused on the Cutting Horse.

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I heard more stories on how water in the mop buckets started sloshing back and forth by itself. How many customers have felt a presence at the Cutting Horse. Women customers have felt something was with them as they walked into the women's bathroom. Sometimes the bathroom door is held shut as a woman customer is trying to leave the bathroom.

Back in the s, Deanna the madam of a brothel, was the town celebrity. Many people believe that the skeletal mirror woman with long blonde hair is Deanna. I heard stories abound how 4 people walked into the Cutting Horse and they all saw the skeletal faced woman with long blonde hair.

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