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These ultra-portable karaoke systems come with Video Hoster karaoke hosting program installed and the latest Windows 10 operating system. All MTU Karaoke Systems are ready to take your karaoke shows into the digital world out of the box just add your music while saving your knees and back. The player connects to your existing PA system and TV's as well as an internet connection. You may connect either a standard keyboard, mouse and computer monitor or a touchscreen monitor to control the show.

Your patrons will see a web address on the lower portion of the TV's which is your online songbook!

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They can browse the songs on their smart phones or any web browsing device that you make available, pick what they like, put in their name and send the song directly to your player! The play list is automatically sorted to insure a fair rotation and upcoming singers will see their name scrolling on the screen with the number of minutes left before their turn.

Karaoke DJ Versus Karaoke Performer

You can adjust the amount of time in between songs in order to make announcements or show advertisements. Of course you can download the song list and print paper copies should you desire. Karaoke Computer Systems. Karaoke Suite Deals - Save Money.

Karaoke System for a Bar | The Essentials

Computer Accessories. Microstudio - Backup Discs. Keyrite - Key Changer. Songverter - File Converter. MTU Services. Vogone Pro - Vocal Remover. Vogone Easy - Vocal Reducer. DNoise - Noise Removal. Help Center. Video Hoster. Purchase karaoke system components. You need a mixer and amp, speakers and speaker stands, microphones, a monitor, cables, an RF converter and other accessories.

Get the music ready to use. If you are using the disc system, put the discs into some type of organized storage system, so that you can easily find songs as they are requested. If you use the digital system, import the music to the system, and then organize it so you can find it quickly on the computer system. Create songbooks for people to search for songs to sing.

How to Run a Karaoke Show : Training the Audience on Applause as a Karaoke Host

If you purchase the digital software, generally there is a songbook creator in the software. Otherwise, you can type up songs into the computer and print them out in page format, and then put them together in a book. Organize the music alphabetically by title or artist for ease of use. Decide on your prices for services--in other words, how much it will cost a business to hire you to come there with your karaoke equipment and have a karaoke show.

Compare with other karaoke services in the area to find out the norm. Promote your business. Make up business cards and start going to local hot spots and nightclubs. Talk to the owners and gauge interest. Come up with ideas so that they will hire you for karaoke gigs. Put free ads on the Internet, such as at the Maryland Party website, listed in Resources. You could also advertise in the newspaper. Make deals with business owners to have a regular evening each week to have a karaoke gig.

How to Throw a Karaoke at Home Party with Stereo System

This way, you have weekly jobs that continue to make you money. Get karaoke gigs for weddings and private parties. Talk to wedding photographers and wedding-cake makers to get referrals from them when their customers ask about karaoke. You could also have information available at hotels that have meeting spaces, where many private parties and wedding receptions are held. Maintain professionalism whenever you get a karaoke job.

Show up on time and with everything ready to go. Be courteous and friendly to everyone.