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As a matter of fact she was born in Yemen when her father was a BBC correspondent there; thus the country was in a sense familiar to her. Clark has described deftly the poverty, despair and internecine fights in Yemen and how that bleak atmosphere in the country had made the people especially the youth hopeless about future.

Under these circumstances the Yemeni youth were the most psychologically appropriate and ready recruits for the war against Soviets in Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden was surrounded with Yemeni fighters in the frontiers. What is interesting here the involvement of USA in arranging all these recruitments from Islamic countries Yemen being in the first place against Soviets perhaps utilizing of Bin Laden as well has not been clearly mentioned by the author.

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When these jihadists veterans returned back home they have not been suppressed by Ali Abdullah Saleh. On the contrary Saleh aided and abated these groups against South Yemen which had a socialist regime. President Saleh was provided with money, surveillance equipment and weapons by USA and Saudi Arabia to suppress these jihadists but in the course time people began to think that Saleh was using terror as a playing card against USA to maintain flow of aid. Victoria Clark depicts the main characteristic of Yemen in her book.

Yemen was and has always been a country of tribes. In the past history and today the tribes has never surrendered and subdued a central administration but fought on behalf of every power which has given them money and arms. President Saleh who is also a tribal man has sustained his power for thirty three years by usually bribing, flattering the tribes, sometimes collaborating with powerful ones, sometimes using the classical tactical of divide and rule.

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It seems that the dancer has lost his balance and fallen among the snakes. It is concluded what Yemen has lacked since the past is a central uniting government. Tribalism has not let an encompassing unity to be formed.

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Ignorance and poverty have been indivisible parts of the country. Although Islam is common identity for the country the sectarian disputes appears as a reason of clash. Strategic position of the country has caused superpowers to exert influence over the area and destabilize the country.

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With each individual a relationship between you and they needs to be established. The round pen prevents this relationship from becoming artificial and dictated by you through the use of restraints. The round pen provides the equine the choice of his responses between fight, flight or accept and join up with you. The pen merely keeps the challenge in a contained space.

This becomes a dance between you and he. The dance is a language.

You must pay full attention to his response and he to yours to come to an understanding. You'd like to explain to him that you want to come out the leader. That you'd like him to follow you willingly. But you have to prove to him that this will be a good outcome for him. He shall perhaps test you to make sure. In most cases if you can prove to him that you are capable he will be happy to have you lead and he to follow. This makes all tasks that come after in his training a lot easier because you have truly gained his respect and will to work with you.

Below are some notes I jotted down in my journal after working with Dusty in the round pen for the first time. Dusty is the mule I am about to spend the next 6 weeks with as we ride out the gate on September 1st on Bernie's and my mule ramble. I thought it best to start with the air cleared between Dusty and me, so into the round pen we went. A view of the round pen to the left of Dusty and me.

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From my journal. I face an old and indifferent mule. So many people have handled him during his life. They have made him work hard. Some have probably not been gentle, others have probably been fair to him. I can see that he likes his own kind better and would rather not hang out with me. I will step in to this pen with a history too.

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For one, I'd rather be working, looking at and riding Pickle. After all he and Ronald are the ones doing ME the favor. His interest is only really p iqued though by my demanding him, with the wave of my flag, to move his feet. Right now he'd be glad to show me his ass end and focus on getting back out to his companions. I've got to be aggressive enough with my flag waving to make him move, keep him moving around the pen at my command.

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But not so aggressive that he won't trust me and want to come in and join up with me. When I see his ear flip in I offer to negotiate by stopping my waving and stepping back to give him space to turn and come into me if he wants to. I watch for signs that he is interested in making a deal. The deal I want, is the one where we have decided that I will lead and he shall follow me.

When he turns to face me and puts his hind all the way away from me, I understand that he's ready for me to approach him.

Dancing on the Heads of Snakes

I go up to him, keeping him held by my eyes. I reach out slowly and pat him on the head, a slow slid of the hand down the broad part of his forehead. He relaxes his ears are up and he's looking right at me. He's now focused on me.

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