The God Squad

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The God Squad: The Next Generation of Catholic Priests | Time

How we imagine God is different, but how we imagine what God wants us to do is exactly the same. The family moved to East Williston on Long Island when he was 9, the same year he decided that he wanted to be either a priest or a professional baseball player.

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He attended St. Pius X preparatory seminary in Uniondale, graduated from the Seminary of Our Lady of the Angels in Albany in with a master of divinity degree, was ordained in and obtained a doctor of ministry degree from the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley now called the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University. After serving at a parish in Seaford, N.

The God Squad

In , the cable television station News 12 Long Island enlisted him for a brief segment on Easter and Passover. The moment this contradiction becomes unbearable โ€” you are there now โ€” is precisely the point where religion enters our lives with a message of divine grace.

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  5. Our faiths teach us in different ways, but to the same effect, that if God can forgive us, then we can forgive each other. I completely understand if you want to cling to your anger because your ex-husband has not apologized to you, but over time your choice will have less to do with him and more to do with you and the spiritual consequences of holding onto your anger. Contact Us.

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    In this polarized environment, are we allowing our commitment to our political ideology overrule our professed commitment to certain faith-based moral convictions? If forced to choose, do we side with our political tribe and rationalize away any moral conflicts that might create? And who is responsible for the consequences of that freedom?

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    How can we genuinely express our faith, especially through public prayer, even in a religiously diverse setting? Check out past years of God Squad programming. What's happening to us?

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    A conversation between neighbors. December 7, Noon God Squad St.